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For the first two dimensions of learning, the womb and the home, parents are in charge. The author encourages parents to develop resiliency in their children to help prepare them for life outside of the home. Do you know how to develop resiliency in your child? Have you taught him or her how to deal with bullying? Parents are reminded of developmental milestones and how to use them. Home tests and activities are provided to help parents support normal development as well as recognize the symptoms of possible developmental delays or conditions.

The role of the teacher is highlighted during the third dimension of learning. Teachers are encouraged to connect to each child at an emotional level, to seek knowledge of the child’s interests, talents and passions. Information that will increase the teacher’s awareness of hidden disabilities and how to recognize their symptoms is provided. For example, do you have a student that leans to one side when reading or complains about tags in clothing? The author shares science-informed teaching strategies that demonstrate how the brain learns and how being aware of this can change a child’s life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bolster your understanding of how the mind works and become a better parent, educator and or administrator with Three Dimensions of Learning.